Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ode to the NBA and the Celtics!

Hi friends

I just came up with a lazy idea to write a small poem about a sport I learnt to love and respect - Basketball! This poem is dedicated to Paul Pierce and his mighty team, the Boston Celtics!

There was once a time
When I loved cricket
All the things about batting
And how to hit the wicket

But life changed, alas
When I went to the US of A
I got addicted, oh yeah
To something called the NBA

What a sport is this basketball!
All that throws and travels
Oh what glory and honour
And mystery it unravels!

The Knicks and the Suns
The Sixers and the Lakers
The Pistons and the Bulls
The Jazz and the Clippers!

So many teams fight out
So many players dribble and trip
They work out real hard
For that elusive NBA Championship

Some legends fade away in a few minutes
Others are born in a day
This is the sport where you get to see
Far more than what you pay

This year was rocking!
The finals gave everyone the kicks
But the winner was my favorite team
The greatest ever – the Boston Celtics!

For the legendary Kobe Bryant
It couldn’t get any worse
As the award for the MVP
Went to the mighty Paul Pierce!

And so the season ended
With a few hurt prides
The NBA will go on for sure
There will be more such rides!

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