Saturday, July 12, 2008


Hi fellas

There have been more than 1000 views of my blog since it began one lousy afternoon in December, 2006. I am thankful to all you fellas who have been reading this junk (ofcourse it is good junk) and telling me about how I help them pass their time at their workplace.

I remember my blog starting on a very emotional note in 2006. I had joined blogger because I wanted a forum where I could express myself and make my voice heard (I have a naturally loud voice anyways). And my first full-post, about a intriguing picture of Sniffer Dogs at the Gandhi Samadhi showed my sarcastic and anti-US side. Then came my posts on Iran and Iraq and the death of Saddam. I still remember my aunt crying when I had told her about the execution of Saddam. She was so angry at Bush. She had genuine reasons, although they were religious.

My first comment was in my February 2006 post on some movies that I had seen. It was by Mr. Adi, a faculty member at TIME, Hyderabad. He was actually the inspiration behind me taking up blogging in the first place. Reading his blog made me realize that I also had the passion to write stuff and open out to people. Thanks Sir for all your support.

I have dealt with controversial issues like religion and the quota system; I have also written about two of my IIM interviews in detail; I have dome movie reviews, Ad reviews, TV series reviews and Personality reviews! Phew... covered a lot of stuff eh?

I have also tried my hand at short stories; US Elections also covered to a good extent; Dedicated posts to others too!!!

Enough of this self-dabba, I am thankful to one and all for your support!!! Keep reading!!!



Sugandha said...

Wishing u many more blogging milestones!

Varun Reddy Sevva said...

Thanks a lot!!!