Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Past Revisited...

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Today is another black day in the history of secular India. Another communal riot in Orissa. Remember the Graham Staines incident in 1999? Well, that was in Orissa too.

What is the main reason for these riots? Conversion of Hindus to Christianity is the one cited by many miscreants involved in these riots. Well, I have just one thing to ask these miscreants - "Does conversion warrant that you go about killing people? Don't people have a right to chose their faith?" They will reply "No, they don't. The Orissa Freedom of Religion Act, 1967, prohibits conversion from one religion to another by use of force or inducement or by fraudulent means. Even any such abatement of conversion has been made an offense."

Well, there is a catch, right? "Force", "Inducement" and "Fraudulent means" are the words that I will look for my reply to them. Well, do they have any proof that Graham Staines or any other missionary had used force or fraudulent means to convert those people? If yes, please bring it forward and the police will surely dole out the needed justice. But hey, there is no evidence in that light. They will say "We know it's happening for sure, we don't need any evidence". Well, you and I may not need evidence, but the law demands evidence.

I am not trying to take any sides here. I was going through some articles and this is what I, as a Christian myself, was a logical explanation. See, if I go to a person and preach to him the word of God, will that person go to the police and tell them that I was trying to force them to convert? Well, if he does, I can forge a complaint against every temple in my neighborhood for those "morning chants" that shake my sleep daily, as a part of mass-conversion of non-Hindus. Looks fair to me, doesn't it?

People do not change faith or religion easily. They are also Indians and know that Indians are not as tolerant of religions as they look to be. When people are forced to convert, it is not the force that the converter places on them, but rather the present faith of the person. My proof: The majority of the converts are from the lower strata or caste of the Hindu society. Christianity gives them hope and equality (Although the funda of caste is now even permeating my religion too). They convert hoping for a better future. All I want to say to those miscreants is "If you do cannot stop oppressing your own people, you have no right to stand up for them and use them to justify your actions when they do what they wish to do."

The same goes for the Christian thugs too. Seeing the aggression of the Hindu miscreants, even they commit gruesome acts trying to justify it based on the acts committed by the Hindu aggressors. Shame on those fellas for calling themselves Christians in the first place. Trust me, I have better chances of going to heaven than those assholes.

This cycle goes on and on. I don't care who drew first blood, but no action is justified. And this cycle or circle of death goes on and on. More Graham Staines will be killed, more Hindus will be converted and more miscreants will be created (I mean it) on both sides. And no one will be able to justify anything that he/she did because there isn't any justification for killing another human being.

I never knew Graham Staines, but I am sure he never deserved to die the way he was killed. Brutality continues... And we call ourselves secular...

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