Thursday, August 28, 2008

The truth is out there...

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I am now about to talk about one of the greatest thriller shows ever made in history, and it also happens to be my favorite sci-fi show ever - The X-Files! So in case you don't like the show, or are averse to extreme sci-fi, please proceed no further.

The X-Files are a complicated set of FBI files that deal with unexplained phenomena, things that cannot be answer based on rationalization and present-day science. Special Agent Fox Mulder requested that these files be opened for further study about the unknown. But to keep tab on him, the bureau appoints Special Agent Dana Scully to act as his partner and give them a detailed report of each and every case that comes to their way.

The two of them are exactly opposite in thought and reason. Mulder is a believer in paranormal phenomena, aliens and other stuff that are certainly unexplained. On the other hand, Scully is a reason-oriented person, who tries to explain each phenomenon in a rational manner. None of them ever succeeded in explaining the truth, but both of them feel thay they were reasonably correct each time.

While Scully accuses Mulder of trying to look for the "not obvious" and being obsessed with proving that any certain incident is paranormal as such, Mulder tries to open her eyes and make her see taht his world-view may also be correct. As the 1st season goes on, Scully becomes convinced slowly that there is more to it than what meets the eye. At the end of the 1st Season, she becomes convinced that there is something fishy going on and that the government is indeed trying to cover up something.

The focus of this show is paranormal stuff from the onset. But it slowly moves towards the recurring theme of an "Alien Apocalypse" and "Colonization by Aliens" in the later episodes. It tried to harp on the public sentiment of dissent against the government and how the government was trying to cover up its tracks and fooling it by giving false information or withholding certain key information "for the sake of National Security".

It was not a successful show in is 1st season - Infact it was a disaster. It ranked 102 among the 118 shows that premiered that season. But it picked up and become a cult series in the coming seasons.

Though the show never dealt with it directly, there is always the added element of the nature of the relationship between Scully and Mulder. The point to be noted here is they never referred to each other by their first names, even when talking to each other. This was not just at the beginning of the show, but continues throughout the show. This made it hard to define their relationship because it is uncommon for people to refer to each other by their last names when in a relationship.

However, they do seemed to share a intimate relationship of trust and understanding. Scully could read Mulder's mind and relate his actions to his past (especially when he tried to relate anything to his alien-abducted sister). Mulder was always kept on his toes by Scully's reasoning and was forced to accept the fact that even her point is valid. She kept him sane and he tried to prove that she was wrong. They were, however, great friends. They looked out for each other and trusted the actions of one-another. She, being a doctor, was always ready to offer her insights into any case and help guide them close to the truth.

The Mulder-Scully relationship was always the high point for me in any show. They did not like or love each other in the traditional sense, but they looked out for each other more than best friends. It is complicated, yet strangely simple in-the-context of the show.

Well, the cast is pretty good I must admit. Fox Mulder is played by David Duchovny, who is a who is a pretty good actor for the role. He always appeared convinced and his emotions were rarely shown - he was very sly in using them. Dana Scully was played by Gillian Anderson. She is so beautiful that she could have easily played a very kinky role of "girl-in-black". Instead, she chose to be the "dedicated-to-science" Dana in this show and is, in my view, the best choice for the role. The way she reasons out stuff convinces the viewer that she is not bimbo, but an independent and smart young woman. She is the role model for any girl who can give her career the top-most priority in her life.

Well, that's all from my side. anyone who has seen the show can leave comments on their thoughts about the show and its cast. Have 2 exams tomorrow, so got to study for my measly 5-pointer (We are a Chetan Bhagat inspired generation!)

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OYE WHERE IS COVERAGE FOR SARAH PALIN? You are the official indian blogger for American Election. How could you not have a post on her??

I loved the first two seasons of the Xfiles... it started to became a bit too comical and nonsensical in the towards the end of the second season -Vampires and stuff.

Varun Reddy Sevva said...

Well, I was and am still too much in awe of Sarah Palin....

Exam season man so not writing any thing now.. I will post in a few days... Plus the thing is I am reading a lot of her to make the post more comprehensive...

Will post in 2 days surely and answer all the Democrats out there...

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