Monday, September 08, 2008

It's all over now... Atleast from my side...

Hi friends

Today it with with great sorrow and a heavy heart that I finally end my McCain-Palin '08 campaign. Yes, I am formally announcing my withdrawal of support to John McCain this year. That does not make me a Barack Obama Supporter though. I was still, a McCain supporter and will remain his supporter in principle till the election results are out.

What I am doing is withdrawing my time and effort spent in defending McCain and his policies and fighting all the Obamaniacs and their denouncing of my candidate. I am not going to have any more say in the current U.S. Elections, nor will I follow it with the zeal and vigor that I had before. I will still keep reading the news, however, and keep track of what is going on. But I will not make any opinion, nor will interpret the data I see and hear. I will not show any support to, nor denounce any candidate in this race.

Its just two months for the General Elections and the atmosphere is burning up in the political side of the USA. Sarah Palin has really turned the tide. It's been just a few days since she was formally introduced to the world and is, for the first time perhaps, in national spotlight. What remains to be seen is how she handles all this. The Vice-Presidential debate, on October 2nd, will be the one to watch out for.

To tell you fellas the truth, I am sick and tired of losing again and again. Obama seems to have taken a lot of ground, especially in swing states. I can't fight on and on. Al Gore lost, Kerry lost and now McCain is not making much of a progress either. I don't want to lose one more time. If McCain wins, it will be a sweet victory, if not I have not lost yet. I will have 4 years to show the fallacies of the Democrat administration as such, right?

But this race, for me, has never been about Democrats vs. Republicans. It has been Obama vs. McCain for me - Two individuals, who want to change the country in two possible ways. They are, unfortunately, still tied up to party politics and hence have to modify themselves to make sure they appease to the party base. Even my good friend,Rohith Kantheti, with whom I usually have my weekly dose of "Obama vs. Mccain fights", tells me that he has more confidence in Barack Obama than in the fact that he is a Democrat. Same was the case from my side too - Although I was a Democrat by heart, I was convinced that John McCain had better potential to lead the USA than Barack Obama.

Yes, I might have projected myself as being "Anti-Obama" than "Pro-McCain" as such, but that is how the media plays it. It is not as much "Pro-Obama" in the media as it is "Anti-McCain". I had to take a stance and defend my candidate, even if it meant playing a game I am not familiar with at all. I fought nail and tooth everywhere - among friends who knew what was going on & among friends who had no clue as to who McCain was (but knew that Barack Obama was ready to "lead") & even among those who were never interested in the American elections at all. When a few of my friends tell me that it's because of me they know some thing about the upcoming elections, I feel I have done a fairly decent job trying to get the politically-neutral and no-opinion people to see both sides of the coin.

The race is not over yet, but for me it sure is. The media is liberal and will always be so. The McCain campaign is fighting hard to upstage the media. I, for one, cannot aid them in their quest anymore. I know I have been a bit harsh towards Obama but he also deserved a scrutiny and John McCain deserved a fair fight in this Obama-biased race (pun unintended here). I have fought the Americans themselves in Orkut, trying to make a point to them too. I was ridiculed, even made to look like a fool, but I persisted and made some pretty valid points. I was put down, but always managed to claw back. But I don't have the heart to do that anymore in this race. I just don't want to look like a loser on the results day.

I will not have any more posts on this issue. There may be a post that will deal with the Palin-Biden debate and some other Presidential debates which are due to take place sometime in the future. But none will try to denounce any party.

Some latest news:

1. McCain leads Obama 50%-46% in a USA Today - Gallup poll. This was expected and is attributed to the "post-convention bump". But the shift is enormous - A 7-point deficit to a 4-point lead is something worth noting

2. This bump has been seen even in the state-by-state polling. is matters more than the national polling because you may win the popular vote, but lose because you may not get the needed electoral-college votes. It's something like winning the elections and still having lesser number of actual votes than your opponent - Al-Gore lost the election in 2000, but had more votes in total as compared to George W. Bush. But as I said, this can be just the usual "convention-bump" and now the actual election starts!

Bye for now... As a fellow blogger of mine once said:

“Chain se sona hai toh jaago… Post khatam hua ab bhaago!

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