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Palin and the truth about the Democrats...

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When John McCain first announced his running mate to be Sarah Palin, the first question asked my many people, even in the press, was not "Is that a right choice?" or "Will she be able to lead?" but was "Who is Sarah Palin?". Maverick as he is, McCain chose a name that was not known to many except a few journalists and the state she resided.

A bit about Sarah Palin: She is a mother of 5 kids, the recent one being born this May. Her eldest son is going to Iraq this month. She is the present Governor of Alaska and was the mayor of a small town before that. She defeated the previous Governor by a good margin and vowed to work for the people. She portrays herself as a "hockey-mom" and is 44 years old. In her prime, she was the runners-up at the Miss Alaska contest and also the winner of the Miss Congeniality contest.

So what is it about her that McCain saw before picking her to be his running mate? Well, for one, McCain realized that by reaching out to everyone, he has distanced himself from his own party core base - The conservatives, especially social conservatives. The conservatives are a different breed of people. They will certainly not vote Democrats, but they will stay home and rather not vote at all. That is certainly not going to help McCain at all, right?

Well, she has certainly galvanized the Republican votes for sure. On the day of her announcement, Republican party deceived the highest donations they ever did since the start of the campaign. they are energized and the Democrats are confused.

Now the Obama campaign is facing its own beats. When anything related to Obama's color was mentioned even remotely, it was called "a racist remark". Now say anything against Sarah Palin and it becomes "a sexist remark". This will certainly not help the Democrats, who still don't have all the Hillary supporters rallying behind the man.

The Obama camp was confused as to how to attack her at all. Inspite of her pregnancy controversy (which was perpetrated deliberately by the Democratic media) and her daughter's pregnancy being made into a big issue, the Obamanicas still don't know how to tackle her. She just gave a rousing speech in which she, who is being attacked for her inexperience, attacked Obama for his inexperience in office. When her candidacy was announced, the Obama camp was shaken up. They had already made ads targeting Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty, who were the top contenders for the post. What they didn't realize was that McCain is what he says he is - a Maverick. Obama calls himself the "change"... McCain "is the change".

Obama may be a good guy. But his supporters have not yet assimilated his views of change. For them the only change they see is "no more Bush". The entire campaign has been about showing the people which candidate is "not like Bush". This is the force on which the entire Democrat base has run this election. Well, Bush was not so good, doesn't mean Obama will change American economy forever?

Palin has resurrected the Republican base. However, as in every election, it is the independents who decide the fortunes of the parties. How McCain attracts them is left to be seen.

No for some chatpata news and stuff: (Source: See this link)

1. Which party started the funding of the first African American museum and culture center?

Ans: The Republican party.

2. Which party had the very first and second black Secretaries of State, and the first black National Security Advisor?

Ans: The Republican party. They were Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice (Rice was both the Secretary of State and the national Security advisor)

3. Which party spent three times ($15 billion) more on AIDS in Africa and the Caribbean than had been previously spent?

Ans: The Republican party.

4. Which party passed the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery?

Ans: The Republican party.

5. Which party passed the 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution so that blacks could have due process in law, so that their right to vote would not infringed upon regardless of their race or skin color?

Ans: The Republican party.

6. Which party was formed EXPRESSLY to oppose the Democrat party on the issue of slavery?

Ans: The Republican party.

7. Under which party did black business and black home ownership set record levels?

Ans: The Republican party.

8. Under which party have black students made the greatest gains in over 30 years?

Ans: The Republican party.

9. Which party has enabled over 283,000 loans to small business (30% of which went to minority businesses) totalling $63 billion in five years, almost as much as was spend in the previous 40 years?

Ans: The Republican party.

Really? Can all this be true? Yes it is true. But wait, then why do all the Blacks vote Democratic? I honestly don't know inspite of the fact that:

1. Which party at one of its conventions called itself the “white man’s Party?”

Ans: The Democratic party.

2. Which party stacked the Supreme Court with racists who then finally rendered blacks 3/5ths human being in the infamous Dredd Scott case?

Ans: The Democratic party.

3. Which party has a history and pattern of terrorizing black Americans for over 170 years?

Ans: The Democratic party.

4. Which party turned right around and formed the KKK to make sure blacks went BACK to the plantations after the 13th Amendment was passed?

Ans: The Democratic party.

5. Which party started the KKK and the Jim Crow era?

Ans: The Democratic party.

6. Which party had a man named Robert Byrd FILIBUSTERING the Civil Rights Act of 1965?

Ans: The Democratic party.

7. Which party FOUGHT against Americans who wanted blacks freed from slavery?

Ans: The Democratic party

8. Which party FOUGHT to exclude blacks from getting a good education for over 170 years?

Ans: The Democratic party.

I am sure you didn't know this, but Martin Luther King, the undisputed leader of the black community and champion of their cause, was a REPUBLICAN.

See these links for more: - "Why Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican?" - Wall Street Journal Article titled
"The Democrats' Missing History"

Now for the actual question - Why do Blacks vote overwhelmingly Democrat? Well, inspite of all the championing, the Republican party never championed itself as a party of the minorities. It is a misconception that the Republicans are Racists - It is the Democrats who are the true racists.

And finally, which party continues to pit blacks Americans against white Americans for disgusting political gain? The Democratic party. See this:

Why does it do so? Because the African-American community is a liberal community by thought and Democrats are aligned liberally. So much for the Republicans freeing them from their bonds of slavery. Democrats needs the African Americans to be more poor to continue getting their votes (The richer you are, the more you tend to vote Republican in the USA; However, Oprah is voting Obama this election and Hollywood is an exception).

For the Blacks, they never had the opportunity to have their man on the top post ever. The hype of this being a historic election (Well is it an election or the Guinness book of world Records?) has got into every one's heads. Just on the basis of the speeches they will vote "Obama! Obama! Obama!" and well, he will continue to make them for another 4 years if elected.

Long live politics and ignorant voters! My choice for this year: John McCain and the hot Sarah Palin!


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