Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Assam invaded - Isn't it a part of India?

Hi friends

Today is perhaps the saddest day in our nation's recent history. I have tolerated this for long, but now I am really really pissed off. I had written about the Bangladeshi problem in one of my previous posts (Click here for link)

What is today's front page news? Nano moving to Gujrat? SEBI trying to regulate the crashing market? The news that one of the person involved in the recent bomb attacks is a software engineer who earns 19 l.p.a? the person appointed by Henry Paulson to head the bailout operations is an Indian.

All exciting news? Well, I will now detail on their excitement potential:

Nano News: Well, lots of melodrama going on as expected... Hope there is no problem in Gujrat - end of story.

SEBI: All financial news which won't matter a shit to anyone because they won't understand what SEBI did anyways - end of story.

Bomb Attacks: this deserves a front-page mention I agree.

Indian heads bailout team: WTF? He is not even a citizen of India - end of story.

Great! This is the media. And where does the news of Assam burning come up - Page 6 in the Indian Express is the best it can make.

This is pathetic. The state of Assam is at war with the huge influx of Bangladeshi migrants and the HuJi (See link for more) militants hoisting the PAKISTANI flag on Indian soil. They are driving away the natives, who are now refugees in their own land. And what is the Government doing about this?

Well, the Govt. of Assam is blaming the Bodos (one of the native tribes) for causing this entire problem. It is saying that they unfurled the Pakistani flag - For God's sake stop this bullshit Mr. Tarun Gogoi. Majority of the Bodos are Catholics. Why would they host the Pakistani flag? When some news channels are reporting that it was the HuJi that unfurled the flag, you are saying they it wasn't the HuJi?

And want to know the media indifference? I have been seeing CNN-IBN for the last 1 hour and not a single news regarding this. Pathetic coverage of news. This is really the deterioration of news reporting in our country. We care more about an Indian who has committed suicide in the USA rather than the countless deaths in our own country. We are finally showing that all we care for is the festivals, murders and riots, but not the ethnic cleansing happening in the state of Assam.

Most of us were all part of a NIT, hence I am sure we are sensitive to issues from all over the country. The HuJi militants are hoisting flags of Pakistan right in the middle of Assam and are shouting the name of Pakistan on high. Some brave souls in Assam are countering this and hoisting the Indian flag amidst all this turmoil.

Yesterday a few of my friends asked me, “What can we do?” Well, I was feeling helpless myself. I really didn’t know what to do about it, but I thought of something. Please do your bit and spread this news to all you know. Please open the eyes of your friends and relatives to the atrocities that the Assamese are facing at this time of crisis. We are at WAR now, and our Government is doing nothing to stop it.

I urge you, please send letters to the Editors of all the newspapers so that they know that people are concerned about this situation. Let the people know that you care about this. I know we can't do much, but as one we can do as much as we can. Spread awareness about this. Force your government to take action. Inspite of all this, there is not even a single comment from Manmohan Singh or the Congress Party. Is Assam still a state of India? Well, the Congress Party doesn't seem to think so...

Being a Christian I am appalled at what was happening and is happening in Orissa. But that is an internal problem between us and the Bajrang Dal. This is WAR. India is being attacked by the bloody HuJi millitants. I know that this is not exactly a right statement to say by a Christian, but the BJP is a lot better at tackling this terror than the inept Congress Party, which cannot even protect its own. What is the PM doing now? Well, worrying about the stock markets or the Nano "crisis" is my best guess.

Please spread awareness about this to all whom you know. Please show that you care about Assam and its citizens. Please tell this to all people you know.

I am not showing any differential treatment here. I sympathize with the people affected by the floods in Bihar and U.P. I feel for the people affected in these bomb blasts. But the situation in Assam is far graver. An entire race is in danger here, because of foreign intruders. I want to remind all of you that these militants, who cause these blasts and commit terror acts on our soil, enter India through this porous Bangladesh border, which the Congress is still fencing for the last 35 years. This scum of Bangladesh is destroying the social fabric of our country. If we allow then to take over Assam, then West Bengal, U.P. and Bihar are next in line.

Please spread awareness about this grave situation and make people aware of this crisis. Please do your part as citizens of this great nation of India.

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