Monday, March 23, 2009

I shouldn't have supported McCain


The title of this post is sarcastic and does not reflect my view at all - in fact, it reflects just the opposite of what I feel! This is the title of a post in a Alaskan newspaper and the post is pretty hilarious in itself! Read on...


Much to my dismay, prophecy's predicted have come true and I find myself in a rare position of having to concede that my vote for John McCain was in error. While I admit that I have plagiarized this piece, it is too actuate not to be shared with the general public.

I have to admit it. My liberal friends were right. They told me if I voted for McCain, the nation's Hope would deteriorate, and sure enough, there has been a 20 point drop in the Consumer Confidence Index since the election, reaching a lower point than any time during the Bush administration. 

They told me if I voted for McCain, the US would become more deeply embroiled in the Middle East and, sure enough, tens of thousands of additional troops are scheduled to be deployed into Afghanistan.

They told me if I voted for McCain, that the economy would get worse and, sure enough, unemployment is approaching 8.8% (10+% in some states) and the new stimulus packages implemented recently has sent the stock market lower than at any time since 1997.

They told me if I voted for McCain, we would see more "crooks" in high ranking positions in Federal government and, sure enough, several recent cabinet nominees and Senate appointments revealed resumes of bribery and tax fraud.

Well, I ignored my Democrat friends in November and voted for McCain. And they were right... all of their predictions have come true.




The link to the original post is

To add to that, I found a more detailed post and it had the following additions.

They told me if I voted for McCain, our relations with foreign countries would be worse, and sure enough China has questioned investing in more US treasuries, France and Germany have rejected our President's suggestions that they spend more money to save the world economy, Russia has apparently forced us to abandon our defense missile programs in Poland and Czech Republic, we snubbed Great Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown when he visited Washington (and sent him packing with a bust of Winston Churchill that had graced the Oval Office), the State Department shuffled the visit of the president of Brazil to avoid a conflict with St. Patrick's Day (and spelled his name wrong in the official announcement), the President scuttled the pending free trade agreement with Colombia (an important ally next to Chavez's Venezuela), Mexico imposed tariffs on $2.4 billion of American products in retaliation for our breach of the North America Free Trade Agreement, and Iran is getting ever close to making a nuclear bomb. It's a good thing we're chumming up to Syria

They told me if I voted for McCain, that the moguls of industry would increase their salaries and bonuses at the expense of the little people. And sure enough, companies like Merrill Lynch and AIG and Fannie Mae have used the bailout money to pay record bonuses to the very executives who drove those companies into the ground. 

They told me if I voted for McCain that innocent children would die, and sure enough, the President has lifted the ban on federal funding of abortion and the ban on using federal funds for research on embryonic stem cells, so many more innocent children will die. 

They told me if I voted for McCain, the civil rights of Americans would be put in jeopardy. And sure enough, the Congress is about to pass the misnamed "Employee Free Choice Act" which will deprive workers of the secret ballot in union elections and the President wants to institute a civilian national security force to spy on Americans. 

I did not verify much of what is written, but the post just looked funny enough! I know that change happens slowly and takes time, but Obama made it look all so easy and tried to play God. He promised too much. The kid is good, but is he good enough? Well, hope God saves him.


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