Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Questions and Answers...


I was cleaning up some stuff on my PC when I came across all the application forms that I had to fill up for my interview processes here at IIM Lucknow. Some of them had really weird questions and my answers were even crazier! So I thought, why not tell everyone what I mentioned in all the companies that I applied to here @ IIM Lucknow.

1. Given a chance would you join the Organization where you previously worked? If yes why; if no why?

I would love to join NormaTec (the company where I did my Summer Internship) because the work-culture there fosters the feeling of oneness and security among us, enabling us to work freely without any worries. Ideas are well received and appreciated, even though it may not be related to one’s own field. You are allowed to work on your strengths and interests –I was allowed to review and make changes in the Performance Appraisal form of the company and also review the organizational structure because I was interested in HRM; I had the chance to do even Marketing and Customer Support work for a week, because I enjoyed it. Since the company focuses of personal growth, I would surely join it given the chance.

My takeWell, I exaggerated a bit about the Marketing work I did there (It was just one small suggestion that I made to Gilad). Same with the HR work (I just detected a few structural changes in the PA forms). But it pays to “lie” constructively. My objective was to show the freedom of work and my varied interests. The answer surely did that.

2. Which is the most radical / innovative thing you have done so far? OR Describe a challenging project or a seemingly impossible task which you have undertaken. What was the outcome? OR Describe an instance when you performed exceptionally well.

Last year, I and my friends decided to start a NGO called "Green Planet Foundation", a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness about the environment among school kids. Our growth and revenue model was certainly radical – We were not going to work against the system by blaming the Government for the environmental problems, but we would work along with it. Our source of revenue would not be the Government, but rather school kids.

We were not sure how much time we could give to it because of the academic rigour at IIM Lucknow, but with perseverance we managed to make it a success. We had to talk to several schools about this. Though they were initially apprehensive, we managed to convince them about the credibility of the model. We have already run successful programs in two schools inKanpur and have 17 more schools in the pipeline. It was a well-executed project and we are all proud of it.

My take: Well, I was a part of it, but my role was very limited. But it still helps to talk about the initiative a bit, and about how it was different from the others.

3. No two individuals are alike. What is unique about you?

The quality of mine that stands out from that of the rest of my peers is the confidence I have in myself and my beliefs. When I know that I am right, I stand firm even when confronted y a higher authority. I don’t back down unless the other party gives me any substantial proof of their claims. People call it aggression, but I call it assertion.

I am very passionate about what I do and stand up to my beliefs, even if the majority may not be on my side. For example, I was a McCain supporter in the US Presidential elections, and I stuck to it because my value system dictated my choice.

Being critical in nature makes me play a “Devil’s Advocate” in many situations that I face in life. I question my logic if needed and continuously develop my thoughts in a fair and logical manner.

My take: Verbose, clich├ęd and written as if I was really that idealistic.

You can check rest of the questions here - LINK

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