Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Lucky Day (Part 2)

For Part-1 of this mini-reality show, click here.

Location: 10th Floor Corridor, Office Building

2.55 pm: Varun was prancing frantically outside the Board-room, taking solace in the fact that he atleast believed that there is a “upar-wala” above all “upar-walas”, who knows things just the way they are. The security-guard keeps bugging him about his salary (which was too less by any MBA standards) and tells Varun that his own daughter has joined MBA in some Delhi college. Varun listened to his lips move, but the only thing running in his mind was “Bhagwan mujhe bachao”.

3.05 pm: Still no sign of anyone? Is there a meeting today? Varun was frantic, but the guard assured him that there was a meeting. Finally Varun sees Mr. Kishore entering the Board Room and follows him dutifully, and sits in a obscure corner of the room from where he could see everyone. “Ah, the best seat of the house, no one can see me and I can see all, Feel like GOD”, Varun pondered.

Location: 10th Floor Board Room, Office Building

3.20 pm: All GMs and CGMs are finally present. One of them Mr. Mehta, sits very close to Varun. He knew Varun from the day they met during induction and was quite impressed by the way he spoke and his future plans of building a quality-school for underprivileged kids etc. Luckily for Varun, Mr. Mehta, doesn’t notice his presence. “Izzat bach gayi”, Varun was relieved.

3.25 pm: The CMD finally arrives. As soon as he enters the room, everyone stand in unison, and at this point of time, Mr. Mehta notices Varun, and vice-versa. When they sit down, he gestures to Varun and using simple signs (like sign-language, only clearer) and they have the following conversation, in silence, while the presentation went on.

Mehta: What is with the beard and the sandals? Sadhu-sant ban gaye kya?

Varun: Sir, I woke up late, and was not aware of the meeting today, hence.

Mehta: Arey why is Ashwath making the presentation? You should be the one making it, as you are better at presentations than he is…

Varun: Sir, this is his project, not mine. Besides, I am content making notes and writing the minutes.

3.58 pm: Presentation ends – Yipee! But the questioning starts. Vaurn endures the boring questions asked, and some powerful answers given by his CMD. “Damn, he is a powerful speaker indeed. Never realized it takes so much guts to answer questions asked by your juniors”, Varun realizes. Meanwhile he notices Mr. Mehta sleeping, as he did throughout much of the presentation and thinks “Awesome chap he sure is. Bright as hell!”

4.15 pm: Q&A session still on. Varun’s phone buzzes a call from Abhishek and Ashutosh – Damn, he was supposed to go out for some patties with them at that time. Damn his meeting. Damn. Varun sends a sms regarding his unavailability for the noble cause of filling one’s stomach. But he feels very hungry, sigh.

4.45 pm: Finally the meeting ends! Varun waits till everyone exists the room and talks to Kishore Sir. “Sir, I am really sorry for my attire today.I was late and in a hurry, so…”. “Arey, it’s ok. Just be ready next time onwards”, smiled Mr. Kishore. “Damn, this must be the best boss ever!” Varun tells himself.

Location: Chai shop, beside the Office Building

4.55 pm: Varun meets Ashutosh and Abhishek at the chai-ka-dukaan. Garam patties await!

Just another day in the life of “IIM Ka Sarkari Babu” J


BRAT said...

gud one dude.. n chai ki dukaan. Still remember the las night in delhi.. had somethin around 15 tea cups tht day!! awesome night it was!!

IIM ka Sarkari Babu said...

Ya man... That was perhaps the only day I got high having Chai :D Wah! What rhyming hain!

Tavish Chadha said...

good one... hope u have such lucky days all the time... hehe

IIM ka Sarkari Babu said...

@TC:He he he...