Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rupee inspired by dog, to scale new heights

Mumbai: After hearing about the extraordinary feat of Rupee, an abandoned dog who
became the first dog to reach the base camp of Mount Everest, the official Indian currency has decides to scale new heights. "I am impressed with this puppy. Previously, I had received so much attention during my spectacular run to the top, but now I am dying because of neglect by my political masters. But the tale of this puppy uplifted me from my gloom", said the Rupee, feeling abandoned by the Political class.
"Err... Does he even know what he is saying?"

"Rupee came to 10 Janpath last night and collapsed at my feet, a currency on its last legs. It was so weak having no attention for days, if not weeks,” said Rahul Gandhi. However, he refused to comment if his mother cried on seeing the condition of the rupee.

"Rahul Gandhi believes in the holistic development of the masses of the nation, and spares no single entity. The rupee was in despair but under his guidance it will rise again from its ashes, like. Phoenix", said a enthusiastic Manish Tewari on a TV debate last night.

"As the public still divided over our decision to confer Sachin with the Bharat Ratna, our greatest concern is what next after Sachin. We are proud of the Rupee, but we are worried if it could regain its list glory, and make it to the top," said a concerned P Chidambaram, Finance Minister. "With the selection of Raghuram Rajan as the RBI Governor, the Rupee seems to have lost the motivation to make it large. So we have asked him to take an all-paid 4-week trip to the Bahamas, and I would personally take charge of the RBI just in case the Rupee needed to hitch a ride", said the enthusiastic FM.

Meanwhile, reservations have been expressed from various quarters, both in India and abroad. Nitish Kumar has slammed the Rupee for its communal move, although he has refused to comment why he considered it communal in the first place. PETA has accused the Rupee of hurting the sentiments of the dog by stealing its limelight. Meanwhile, the FMs of other rupee-based nations have expressed concern over this announcement, slamming the FM for not being inclusive in his policy. "We are deeply concerned that our own Rupee, which has been a integral part of our financial system since 1947, will get inspired by this move made by the Indian Govt to aid the Indian Rupee", said a apparently- concerned FM of Pakistan. 

However, the Dollar and the Euro have sent the Rupee a congratulatory message with the traditional box of lucky pennies for good luck in its mission to soar as high as Mount Everest once more. 

(Inspired by the article "Rupee, the dog that reached Mt. Everest" published in The Hindu on Nov. 13, 2013)

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