Friday, September 21, 2007

Cellular - What a negotiation!!!


Wow! This is perhaps the best word that fits a movie like “Cellular”. It’s the best thriller I’ve seen since “Mindhunters” (which I saw for Ashley Judd – She has a charm that I find too irresistible!). The movie is fast, action-paced and is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seats.

The plot is simple – A woman (Jessica Martin played by Kim Basinger) is kidnapped. She calls up a random number from a broken and smashed landline phone. She tells the person at the other end her current situation and requests him not to put down her call and help her out instead. The guy (Ryan played by Chris Evans) initially thinks it was a hoax call but then realizes the depth of the situation. From the moment of the revelation, the story progresses quickly. Why was she kidnapped? Who were the kidnappers? Were they cops? What do they want from Jessica’s husband? All these questions are answered in due course of time.

The star cast is not that hi-fi but the story is quite something. The director ensured that something remains a secret at every stage so as to not lose the interest of the viewers. One could have made this film badly. But he ensured that it turned up well.

The last movie I saw involving Kim Basinger, albeit in a smaller role (but one that fetched her an Academy award) was “L.A. Confidential”, which was also, co-incidentally, a story related to good cops and bad cops. In this movie, she had the main role which she played well.

From this movie, I learnt the art of negotiation and of having a presence of mind. Chris Evans was a simple and ordinary guy and when he was negotiating with Jason Statham (one of the bad cops), he showed me how it should be done. When you are in such a situation, create an advantage even if the odds are stacked against you. Well done Chris! You taught me a valuable lesson.

It’s a great movie that can be seen by the entire family. I suggest seeing it in the night to get an extra-thrill!


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