Saturday, January 26, 2008

South Carolina is out! But it gets messier...

Hi friends

What a news!!! John McCain has triumphed over his rivals and Barack had the ball of his life!!! This election is down on the wire folks!!! Let us try to see what had happened and how it happened...

Barack got the Blacks, Edwards got the Whites and Hilary got the diapers!! Well, one thing is for sure - Obama is riding high on the racial issue and Clinton ain't doing anything great to reduce this. This election is surely a nice comedy show!!!

Learnings: I found out how deeply segregated USA really is. Its like a mini-India out there! And politics is politics anywhere in the world.

And I found out why America sucks with idiotic presidents - The media. The entire media is gaga over the so-called Clinton-Obama fight, when those 2 fight it out like wolves and don't care a bit about what the economy and what the people need. Poor Edwards loses his share of attention amidst all this hullaballoo!!!

I really feel pity for America. I read about Edwards, seen his speeches and his debates and he is the only Democrat making some sense. No powerful person is backing him - He is running on public money!!! This fellas i truly for the people and by the people. And what does he get - No backing of the media. This is really unfair.

Same is the case with Ron Paul. the two points that run against him are - He speaks too idealistically and he is a Republican. But he is also a good fella. For the moment, I will back McCain from the enemy camp.

Is this fair? should only Obama (inexperienced) and Clinton (Who cares? She is a woman) fight it out?? I am happy Edwards is not backing out. He wants his message to reach one and all. He is also hoping for a change. He got a majority of the White male votes in South Carolina. That's a start.

McCain made sure of another win in SC. I hope the final battle is McCain vs. Edwards/Obama. But I don't know what will happen.

This post dedicated to Chintan Vinod Shinde.


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Thank you. What an honor! :)