Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama; Obama; Obama!!!

Hi friends

Shifted Parties? Nope... I am and will still be a John McCain supporter. His comeback has ben excellent and he surely deserves the nomination from the Republican end. The only reason for this post is to write what the Americans think and on what they feel about the nominees. First see this:

Democrats create biggest buzz in US primaries

Isn't that fantastic? This one young fella (depends on how you view the age of 46 yrs) has rallied many many voters to the polling booth. I'll tell you the winning funda: You may have double the supporters as your opponent, but if only 50% of them turn up for the election, you are still tied if he/she manages a 100% turnout from his/her side. That's how Democracy works - People have to "show their support". If they fail to do so, they cannot hope for a change!!!

Wow!! This fella has rallied hard and fair. Hillary would have never thought that sometime in the campaign she would be trailing him. She has shifted from the accusations spree to the excuses spree. And she got a good one too.

"Clinton has argued that several caucuses she lost over recent weeks were "primarily dominated by activists," people motivated enough to give up their time to attend the caucus gatherings, rather than merely casting a vote. "They don't represent the electorate, we know that," she said. "

Hmmm. Let us see that again. Who are these activists? These are the very people who are "motivated" and have "time to attend the caucus meetings". Well, isn't that enough? These activists have seen it all. They understand the party better than the general voters. If Obama can rally then, it's like hitting the nail in the head. One you hit the head, the rest of the nail goes through automatically. These are the very activists who campaign for their candidates in their respective states. If Obama gets more activists, he gets more voters too. Simple math I believe!

Just look at this statement friends:

"Last Tuesday, Obama drew twice as many voters as his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, and even more than all the Republican voters combined. "There's no doubt that she has not generated the kind of grassroots enthusiasm that we have," Obama said of Clinton. "

Agreed Mr. Obama. You have really rallied the masses around you. You have appealed not just to the lack community, but to the Asians and even the while males and females. You have won in states where Blacks are a minority. This shows that you have a universal appeal.

What makes him click? I wish I knew. I've seen both Hillary and Obama's rallies and I don't see any difference in them. But what mattered is Obama hit it where it hurt the most - "CHANGE". The people were desperate for a change. As the papers say it

"Even before the first nominating contest, on January 3 in Iowa, Democrats anxious to turn the page on the era of President George W. Bush were displaying greater motivation than Republicans. In 2007, Clinton and Obama raised a total of about 208 million dollars for their campaigns -- more than double the 99 million total collected by three top Republicans, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. "

Now that's what I call a good use of mass appeal! Obama struck the chord. He told them "I am not another Bush." He makes many references to the policies of Bush and shows people hope. He rallies the people not to make the same mistake that they did in the last election. He made a bunny of Bush while Clinton kept talking about her "experience" as a factor, which she felt would make her different from Obama. It worked? Well, we will soon find out. The next few months are pretty intense. No one, not even the voters know what is going to happen.

Win or lose, Obama has done a great job for which the Democrats should perhaps give him a special honour. He got the youngsters to rally around the Democratic party. He got hold of the disillusioned youngsters and steered thm away from Mr. Bush and his shoddy policies. No discredit to the Republicans, some of the greatest and most famous presidents (Lincoln, for example) are from their party. But one mistake was costly to them - a mistake named Bush. A mistake that can prove fatal (by a very good margin too).

I hope Obama wins. I hope he gets the noimination. But it's still a long way to go. the tide can turn anyday. My friend, our bet still stands. As I have always been saying, Hillary is still the favorite of the party leaders. She can still win. But whatever happens, Obama has already won - the hearts many young American voters.

Hillary or Obama - Both will have a tough job on hand when they win the final election. If there is a turnaround in the next 4 years after that, then rest assured, the Democrats will win another 2 terms easily. But not living upto their promises may make these youngsters lose faith in politics This is not just an ordinary election, this is an election for change. there is a huge responsibility on the winner to play his/her cards right. If not played well, this may lead to 2-3 terms of isolation for the party.

But Mr. Obama, please tighten up your stance a bit. Just your stand on Iraq and "change" may get you the noimination and perhaps the Presidency too. But it will take a lot more to deliver many other promises. Change doesn't happen overnight. It is a long walk to freedom, as they say. Are you prepared to take the walk Sir?

This post is dedicated to Mr. Morgan Freeman and Magic Johnson, both of whom have shown what it means to be truly great in their little ways.


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