Saturday, July 19, 2008

Movie Review Time!!!

Hi Folks

Exam time means movie time here at IIM Lucknow! I have seen quite a few movies here in the last few weeks. Here is my rating of a few which I have seen.

1. Goldfinger: Typical James Bond movie, but I didn't appreciate it that much... 7/10

2. Lilo and Stitch: The message of family and love rules the roost... I saw the movie after a wait of almost 4 years... 8.5/10

3. Kung Fu Panda: It is in YOU! Let's rock on with the chubby Panda... 9/10

4. Who framed Roger Rabbit? Animation meets the real world as a case is solved and a villain is revealed... 8/10

5. Das Experiment: The German version of the Stanford Prison Experiment goes haywire! Watch the events unfold into a bloody and psychotic ending... 9/10

6. Seven: thriller... Morgan Freeman... Kevin Spacey... Brad Pitt... Need I say more? 8.5/10

7. Dollar Dreams: Telugu movie... Good to watch with the kids and family... 8.5/10

8. Sardar: Can't get more inspirational than this... Paresh Rawal at his sensational best... 9.5/10

9. Meet the Spartans: 300 goes to the dogs - I mean it literally! Parody with slight (may be I exaggerate a bit on the down-side!) adult humor... 7.5/10

10. The Sentinel: Thriller involving Michael Douglas and the President! 8/10

11. Dead or Alive: Hot Girls, hot moves, hot action... Else the movie is pretty cold... Useful for the mass-movie audiences... 6.5/10

12. Strangers on a Train: Alfred Hitchcock beauty... Good story with predictable ending (a bit unpredictable too!)... 9/10

13. North by Northwest: Another Hitchcock masterpiece... Too good! 9.5/10

14. The Lady Vanishes: How did she vanish? Who is she anyways? Hey, did you hear the music? Enough said, just see it! 9/10

15. Rush Hour 3: I don't care what the critics say - This pair is as funny as ever! May not be suitable for kids though... 7.5/10

16. Hyderabad to Dubai: Crude Comedy... Fails to live up to its predecessors... 6/10

17. The Straight Story: Never knew that the horror master David Lynch could also make straight movies... A story about a man's journey towards redemption on a lawnmower... And it certainly moved me too... 8.5/10

18. Serendipity: Saw it for the 3rd time! Can't give it less than a 10/10

19. The Manchurian Candidate (1962): Great concept, but could have been made better... 8.5/10

20. Hancock: Take that you critics! Hancock rocks! But the ending was a bit too soft and lame... But for Will Smith and the ever-beautiful Charlize Theron, this gets an 8.5/10

21. Wall-E: Romance is in the air? Naa, that's just a robot with a personality! 9/10

22. Shoot Em Up (2007): Liked the concept... Goes fast and ends that way... Well, it is worth a watch fellas (Not meant for kids, seriously)... 8/10

23. 11.14: Well, the movie tries to play out that mixed-relations concept once again, but it failed to live up to my expectations... 7/10

24. The "Naked Gun" Series: For those who want to see a parody+humour movie, look no further... Leslie Nielsen at his comedy best... 9/10

25. Batman - Mask of the Phantasm: I didn't see the latest Batman movie yet, but after seeing this movie, I really feel animation is the answer to making great movies out of our famous and loved comic book characters.. In a few words - "Fantastic Movie!"... 8.5/10

26. Dubai Seenu: Tried to make it Pokiri Style, but succeeded partly... Can see for the story though... Mass-movie... 8/10

27. Epic Movie: Looked like a good parody from the trailers, but alas, the directors should have stopped after that... Not recommended... 5/10

28. The Man from Earth: Sci-fi meets "12 Angry Men" in this tale of a 14,000 year old man who will baffle you... Only meant for those fellas who like dialogues and not just bang-bang fiction... Highly recommended for scholars and theologians alike... 9.5/10

29. The English Patient: Wow! This movie was related to love affairs (extra-marital ones) and that's the only thing I didn't like about it... 9/10

Hey I heard the latest one in the Batman series - "The Dark Knight" - is a fantastic movie and that Heath Ledger gave a mind-blowing performance...

Any discrepancies, please mention it in the comments....


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