Saturday, July 26, 2008

German Band; British Style...

Hi Friends

This post is about the German pop-group called "Fools Garden". Why the sudden interest in this band right now? Well, I have my reasons:

1. I am a great fan of their songs, especially "Lemon Tree" and "Does Anybody Know". The second song is too good!

2. They remind me of the Beatles, only that they sound more modern.

3. I got a reply from them!!!!

Well, one day I visited their website - Click here for Link and then wrote a mail asking them about the inspiration to their songs. I never thought I would get a reply to that! This is what I wrote to Peter Freudenthaler, the founder and lead singer of the group.


I am a real fan of your songs, especially "Does anybody know", "Lemon Tree" and "Man of Devotion"... I am interested in lyric writing. I really have no clue who among you penned the lyrics to "Does anybody know" and "Lemon Tree", but I wanted to know what inspires you when you pen down a song? Is it just intuition or is there an inspiration? How can I find my inspiration?

P.S. As soon as I start earning, I will buy your CD too, instead of listening to the direct streaming on the website as such...

Yes, on the website, 6-7 songs are present for streaming and it is there that I manage to listen to their songs as such. I was in the mood for writing songs that day (God knows why!) and the song "Does anybody know" sounded nice to me. So I shot this mail, never expecting a reply. But today I was going through my spam (which I rarely do) and found this reply mail (Thank God I didn't miss it in the junk I usually get as spam)

Hi Varun and thanks for e-mail

Song-writing is a very difficult thing to describe.You just have to sit down and be very patient . You have to take your time and follow your thoughts. Let them go and try and try and try.

You see there is no rule and no general instruction. It´s a very individual thing. But I´m sure if you really want it you are able to do it.

So , good luck and lots of greetings.


First of all, the English was a bit broken and there were a few spelling mistakes also. But that must be because they have to reply to so many fan mail and hence must be fast! And speed does create a potential for many errors.

I like to thank Peter for his reply. I will certainly keep trying and trying and trying... There is nothing better than a group member personally replying to his fans - the human touch to such gestures is tremendous! The delay time was just 16 days - Incredible!! My luck!!

Ciao till the next post!!

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